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: P.O. Box 1536, Woodruff, WI 54568

Our Vision

Every child has the opportunity to be happy, productive, and successful.

Our Mission

As a 501c(3) non-profit foundation, we provide resources and facilitate relief within our community for (1) children in need and (2) those of any age with special developmental needs. We accomplish this through limited specialty programs benefitting children of low-income individuals and families.

"In Need"

We define “in need” to include families who qualify for federal free or reduced-fee school lunch programs, or any family a school administrator deems in need.  We partner with local schools, day care centers, and churches to reach these children.

We Do It for the Kids!

In 2020, almost 700 Lakeland area children woke on Christmas morning to find presents under the tree that their parents personally selected. --

Barbie dolls and superheros, remote controlled cars and wireless speakers, babies and Lego sets. There was a brand new book for each of these children along with warm hats and mittens. All of these gifts came through the generous donations of this community. This magic occurred under the direction of Lakeland Sharing Foundation.


Each August, 43% of Lakeland school-age children – identified as "in need" by the schools in the LUHS district – confidently march into school equipped with brand new high quality school supplies stuffed into a stylish new backpack. Once again, Lakeland Sharing Foundation leads the effort.

It’s no secret that the Lakeland area business climate is seasonal. During the summer, Minocqua and its surrounding towns boom with tourist revenue and employment opportunities increase. But as soon as autumn comes around, business revenue, and consequently employment hours, plummet. This dynamic creates a challenging economic climate for our 20,000 year-round residents. Many working parents need two or more full-time jobs to make ends meet.

With our two signature programs, Lakeland Sharing Foundation brings joy and opportunity to children in lower income families – identified as "in need" by the schools in the LUHS distric. We help fulfill their Christmas wishes and give them the essential tools they need to be successful in school. We estimate that there are over 1,500 children in our community who can benefit from our efforts.

Each year – especially at the Christmas program – the Lakeland area community warms our hearts in dozens of ways -- by sending generous financial donations; stuffing our drop boxes with amazing toys; loaning us trucks and workers to help move boxes and equipment; handcrafting quilts, scarves and hats; recycling used toys into great “newish” gifts; volunteering to do all the work that allows us to pre-package boxes of gifts for families to come pick up to make their Christmas season just a little brighter.

If you are already part of this process, thank you again for stepping up to help our children. If you have not yet participated, please donate now by sending a check to Lakeland Sharing Foundation, P.O. Box 1536, Woodruff, WI, 54568 and, if possible, consider joining us as a volunteer. Please do it now – please “Do it for the Kids!”

Lakeland Sharing Foundation

We Serve Nearly Half of Our Community's Children

Children who qualify for federal school lunch assistance qualify for our programs!