Friday,April 16th  2021

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Success Stories

My children were expecting nothing

I’d like to send a heartfelt thank you to the loving people who were generous with their time and money this holiday season.  My children were expecting nothing for Christmas, but were surprised to see their gifts!  Thanks to all of you angels!

This is too much!

I drove a family down to the center for the first time (their 1st time) on Saturday and they were overwhelmed by the experience.  First of all they kept saying, “This is too much!”  They could not believe how generous the community was.  As they said, they are so thankful to be part of a loving community.  This is something I have always known.  Thank you for all you do for the families of North Lakeland.

--North Lakeland Guidance Counselor

Thanks for the Stuff!

Thank you for your generous school supplies donations.  My second grade students really appreciate them.  

-- LDF Teacher

Thank you for the backpack
Thank you for the mar(k)ers
Thank you for the scis(s)ors
Thank you for the glue
Thank you for the eraser
Thank you for the pencil box
Thank you for the pencils
Thank you.
From  J.J.

-LDF Second Grader

You helped make dreams come true

To all involved with the foundation,
We are writing to express our gratitude for all of your hard work and caring throughout the year.  The women we serve were extremely grateful for your kindness.  The organization and dedication of the volunteers went above and beyond the call of duty.  Our clients have stated that they have never seen a program of this level of generosity, even in large cities.  The expectations of the clients was so far exceeded that they were genuinely moved to tears.  You have surely helped to make some dreams come true this year.  The staff and clients believe you have captured the true meaning and essence of Christmas. 

--The staff and clients of the Tri-County Women’s Outreach Program (2006)

We are overwhelmed

Once again, we are overwhelmed by the generosity of the Foundation and all those who give of their time and money to help out with this big project.

The backpacks full of school supplies, the trapper keepers for the middle school students, and the extra supplies for the Special Education Department are very much appreciated by our students and staff.

--Ron Grams, Principal, Lac du Flambeau Elementary School (2008)

Partnering with schools to save time – and our backs!

When we first started the backpack/school supplies support program, we modeled the processes after our very successful Christmas program.   So, we sent individual shoppers out to local stores to purchase school supplies.   When we discovered that this was more hard work than fun – you can image what 1,000 package of loose leaf paper weigh – we had to change the process.  Thanks to our strong partnerships with the local schools, we were able to set up direct shipments going directly to AVW and Lac du Flambeau Elementary Schools.   This simple change saved our back and our time!  We are extremely grateful for the continued support from these two school partners.